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The .K.I.S.S. Principle.
Teaser compilation
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Born To Busk Final
My Friend Trevor Smith is a published Playwright and Poet.In 2015 he gave me a poem that he had written in 2012 and said'Why don't you make a song out of it?'.I added music a third verse and an exten...

High School Musical
High School Musical
The Theatre
High School Musical
High School Musical
We were on stage behind the Screen
High School Musical
High School Musical
My home for the shows. Cosy!!!
May 2009. Finally have time to update this site. Have had a busy few months. Teaching guitar in schools is keeping me very busy. I have just finished a run of playing the guitar in a school production of High School Musical.Seven shows over 5 days. Playing Electric and Steel and Nylon string acoustics, definitely a varied soundtrack. Had to wear earplugs as the trumpet player was sat right behind me!!!

Finshed 2 shows on Saturday then went busking in the Hills on Sunday morning(The Hills were alive)  and then played at Jackadder Folk Club in the afternoon With Jamie McKinnon as part of JamJar. Great to play the old songs again such as the Mingulay boat song and Windmills by Alan Bell as well as newer songs by Karine Polwart and Steve Knightly.

Am playing my original songs at the Gaslight Club in Fremantle on Thursday

Can now concentrate on getting my new album together. I have 15 songs and tunes that I will aim to record in June /July. Will keep you posted.

Yaay January 2019 already.   Am looking forward to the recording of myself and Jamie's house concert last June.  Jamie organises the Wanneroo Folk Club with me. Traditionally every year we play a few of our favorite songs as a duo(Jamie is a great performer in his own right)A chap called AL Ribeau said it would be a good idea to do a house concert and record it. It was duly arranged and a great night was had by all. The recording is a raw reproduction of that night. I must admit something about me always like live concerts So the CD hopefully should be out in March Watch this space!

Also playing a few outdoor gigs in the next couple of months. See events page or facebook for more details.

October is upon us(yes I know I missed September) So playing a few gigs (see fiddlestix vid at top of page) Also really into the busking!

Am well into my Masters in Musicology at UWA researching the music of the first Swan River Pioneers. (Fascinating stuff)Will be presenting my findings at the Musicological Society of Australia conference in Dec. Also will be presenting at the Folk in the Forest festival in Novemeber as well as playing a bit.

Written loads of songs so just contemplating whether to produce another CD. Hm decisions.

August is upon us. I am back from a brilliant mini tour of the UK straight in to work.Caught up with many old friends and made many new ones.Played an listened to  some great music. I have a variety of gigs coming up.
Mundaring Folk Club,  Playing in The Perth Guitar Orchestra and Busking.
Details on my events page.

The Old Bookshop Downham Market Sellout concert Brilliant Night
The Old Bookshop Downham Market Sellout concert Brilliant Night
Folk in a Field Festival Norfolk.Really well organised festival and some great Musicians
Folk in a Field Festival Norfolk.Really well organised festival and some great Musicians
Winchester Folk Club. Quirky little pub basement club Really good. Even had some Aussies in the Audience.
Winchester Folk Club. Quirky little pub basement club Really good. Even had some Aussies in the Audience.
The Narrow Boat Sessions.Recording on a barge in North Wales. See facebook, The Narrow boat Sessions.
The Narrow Boat Sessions.Recording on a barge in North Wales. See facebook, The Narrow boat Sessions.

Looking forward to my world tour of UK !
UK Gigs 2018

July 4  Winchester Folk Club

July 5  The Tump Folk Club, Coventry.

July 8 The Folk in a Field Festival. Kings Lynn.

July 8. Radio West Norfolk.

July 11 The Narrowboat Sessions(NTH WALES).

July 18 Downham Market Folk Club.

For more details see events page.

Starting to ramp up the gigs again for the next few weeks and then just finalising a mini  world tour of the UK in July. Details can be found on my events page.Going Busking !!!! Also preparing to go back into the recording studio  near the end of the year Have a batch of new songs and tunes that I want to record.Am now a student doing an MA/PhD in musicology(its a long story!!)

I am researching the Music of the Swan River colony from 1829 to 1839. Fascinating how these pioneers used their music to remind them of Home(Britain).

Getting better at updating the site Only 2 months have gone by.!!!

it is now the end of March 2018 and I have been neglecting my website!(Again)
This does not mean I have not been busy. Still teaching guitar in schools as well as Being Chairman of the West Australian Folk Federation and playing in the WA Classical guitar society orchestra.

Just finished St Patricks day here where I was privileged to play in a band with some excellent musicians just formed for the day but may well carry on if we can all get together. We pled at The amazing Mundaring Folk Club on Friday 2 pub gigs on Saturday and In played a solo gig at the Gaslight club in Freo on the Sunday.It was great to play mainly Banjo and Mandolin (as well as a bit of bass ) for the band.

Am gong to the UK in July to visit relatives but will be playing a few gigs a festival and making a radio broadcast. Watch this space details out soon.

Well a busy few months as usual.Have just added a couple of dates for OCTOBER.Nice to be invited to play at a house concert for Environmental awareness on the strength of a couple of my songs from the new album. And really looking forward to playing at Gidgestock!!
Trying to focus more on my music (but keep getting sidetracked!) In talks to start Phd research into the music of the early setllers in WA.Watch this space.

20 May 
Well finally got time to update the website.Have been playing in a production of Thoroughly modern Millie. Had to brush up on my Dixieland banjo playing .It was a thrill to play with a really good horn section. On Monday I play at the Monday Supper Club an Evening of Poetry and Song in Maylands More details on their website the summersupperclub.

Loads of Gigs coming up to promote the new CD.Kicking off at the Fly by night In Fremantle on March 3rd Supporting Canadian Band the Jerry Cans.

See events pages for full list

Well the latest CD has nearly been completed. Called Originals with Influences it is pretty much a double album. Just have to find time to mix and Tweak a few of the songs.Aiming for release in FEB 2017

Will be playing at Club Acoustica at the Indie Bar In Scarborough on Wed 12 oct and at the Folk 
in the Forest Festival in WA in November. Full details on my events page.

Well my world tour of UK was brilliant.Heard some great musicians and met some lovely people.Even managed to play the main stage at Ely Folk Festival.See photo page for proof!!!
I am just putting the finishing touches to my next CD.My classical piece was played at the International guitar festival here in Perth.
Just need to give up work now!!!!

See the News page for more Happenings!.

Thanks for visiting my website.
Having talked about it for many years I have finally decided to focus more on performing and writing. I will still be teaching which is a job I love.

See the news page for the latest happenings and hear Songlines from my next CD, Ten Fingers,
Due in June 2014.
People ask me what my influences are and I find this a really difficult question to answer. I, like many people, listen to many different genres of music. The music that has defined me from a child is the music of the Beatles, Deep Purple, Slade and Bowie. At this time I was playing drums in a marching Band and listening to Sousa. I discovered Fairport Convention and The Dubliners whilst still at school, closely followed by Planxty and Christie Moore, Poco, America and the Eagles. Paul Simon, Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Bert Jansch, John Renbourne, Martin Carthy, Nick Jones, Martin Simpson, Steve Earle. Then the classical guitarists Julian Bream and John Williams.
The list is still being expanded with John Butler, Eric Roche, Pierre Bensusan, Andy McKee, The Grigoryan Brothers, Karen Schaupp. The names and music are endless and ever evolving.
 In 2012 I co ordinated the WAFF songwriting workshops. Watching a group of strangers create music together was fascinating and some of the music produced was great. The songs were performed on Bill Hales and Ray Downes Folking Around programme on Radio Fremantle. This has inspired me to start writing again after many years.Many of the Songs are featured on my new CD Ten Fingers.

See the Ten Fingers Page to find out more about the songs.
And see the events page for my gigs.

I continue to play In the Western Australian Classical Guitar Society Orchestra and love the sound that over 20 Classical Guitars can make.
Having just finished my Diploma in Music Practitioner studies, I have an Interest in Ethnomusicology and Music Psychology, and the importance of Music to us as Humans.

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